20. UVa.

Untitled, 1995

"Woman. Do not wait for a poet. You are already poetry."
A little spray paint and a dead wall can shake you up. Lessons learned in Bogotá.

Artist Name: Kooni
Tumblr: http://koonizeichnet.tumblr.com/
sehet und staunet, 2014
pencil on paper, photoshop


Single and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive.

(via unaware-eyes)

Feeling bitter

Internship + summer class + family visiting from far away = overwhelmed me. I shouldn’t have signed up for that audit class…

After knowing each other for only a week, a few members of my agroecology class decided to go camping/hiking last weekend.
A crazy looking shelf mushroom we found growing near a tree commonly known as chicken of the woods. We harvested it a few days later (it had more than doubled in size) and cooked it up. It was soo meaty and tasty.
The entrance to another garden. I’m a sucker for flowers.
Entrance to the garden. Japanese Maple is so pretty!
The Morven cat that ALWAYS has to be the center of attention
The Japanese summer home